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Jul 9, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. >> they must ask themselves if they want to be the kind of party david brooks, conservative, describe, a party of fanatics who don't compromise no matter how sweet a deal for their side might be and how great consequences for the nation. >> the senate majority leader was talking about conservative and "new york times" columnist david brooks' column saying that the republican party is no longer a normal party. its members, charles, don't accept the logic of compromise. >> forgive me, but i have to correct your copy again. he is a great columnist, but not a conservative. he is a moderate -- >> moderate conservative. >> no, he is a moderate. >> he is a moderate. he is open to all use. i think what republicans are doing on taxes is correct. if you hear eric cantor or john boehner, we are ready for tax reform, which was done in the mid-1980's, a most successful piece of legislation. you cut out the loopholes and use the money to cut rates. you get a fairness and the rich don't have advantages by having lobbyists create loopholes and exploit them, and you stimulate economic growth because the libera
Jul 2, 2011 6:00pm EDT
? >> in the modern era, there isn't it a lyndon johnson, and the criticism of him, by david brooks this week, is that he's too much like the senate majority leader. the president has a bully pulpit, and he used it, and that at the republicans started screaming bloody murder indicates that they are worried about it. >> charles? >> the problems this at -- problem is that this has the feel of a town with a leader was not leading. he did not propose a budget -- well, the one he did it was voted down by the senate 97-0, it was so preposterous. the democrats in congress have not proposed a budget in two years. the republicans have. what we have is a president in full campaign mode was not proposing anything in public -- who knows whether in private. it seriously, there is no democratic proposal on the table for a budget. he is demagoguing against medicare and the ryan plan, and he has decided, do that and that is how you get reelected. that is why the town is floundering. >> consistency has not been a problem with republicans. they have endorsed the ryan plan, budget, and -- which does not provide
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2